A recent report by McKinsey states that a more digitally connected workforce – such as the workforce we’ve been forced to become by the pandemic – stands to for the manufacturing industry alone. This opportunity exists in areas such as productivity boosts of 20 to 30 percent in collaboration-intensive work processes like root cause investigation, supplier management, and maintenance. However, while an adoption of certain new digital ways of working is increasingly the new normal, the transition has not been a completely smooth one.

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Some manufacturers have learned from the pandemic, so are better prepared for future emergencies or disruptions: lessons learned include the vulnerabilities of being tied to on-premise data solutions, as they can be unexpectedly challenging in situations of uncertainty. Instead, manufacturers who have weathered the storm better have leaned into digital tools that enable remote work and seamless collaboration, wherever staff may be. Being dependent upon a server that cannot be accessed or maintained due to a pandemic makes that resources unreliable in a context of deadlines, worsened by software that is locked into now-inaccessible workstations.,electric bike slaneelectric bike,



Leaders in the manufacturing industry are paying attention to, and moving quickly in addressing, this new way of working. Cloud-powered technologies that ease collaboration, do not care where people are located and provide infinite computer power on demand offer a seamless flow of productivity, irrespective of historical requirements like geography. As we turn the corner and see the release of a vaccine, we’re also recognizing that some changes brought by the pandemic to how we work will remain. Research shows that the number of permanent remote workers is , to more than a third of the total global workforce. With the combination of a global workforce increasingly working from home, not only will cloud technologies be adopted in everyday work, progressive companies will benefit from global talent – sometimes both less costly and more skilled than the talent available locally – being available to any company willing to recruit from outside its city walls, county, state or national borders.


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